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About Us

We empower you to cross the bridge from silent genius to Global Luminary as they become industry & community leaders. 

Our courageous leader is Caryn Terres, the Dragon Doula. She is a Superconscious Leadership Mentor, Public Speaker, Vocal Soul Frequency Activator, Community Leader,  Homeschooling Mom of 3, Wife & Badass Magician!

We created this community to connect the future world leaders in the present moment, so when our time comes, we can all step up and lead a truly free world together.

Why You Should Join Us

NOTHING is off limits when it comes to developing your leadership skills. 

The key to becoming a great leader is knowing who you are, what you are, and how you serve.

Dragons Gateway is your lighthouse, as you embark on the incredible growth journey of embodying the fullness of your mission.

Our teaching tools include: Quantum Physics, Hermetic Arts, Psychology, Sociology, Metaphysics, Economics, Magick, Education, Politics, Environmentalism, and more- Come & PLAY!

A Big Thanks

Your generous support allows for this work to reach tens of thousands around the world to liberate them from oppression, silence, and enslavement so they can free their minds from the prison of illusion.

Your partnership empowers everyone to claim their power as the LEADER of their own life & creator of the future!


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